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In these times it is very important that you pick the right agent to sell your home. A good agent could mean the difference between getting the price you want and not having your house sold.

We understand that for many people buying or selling property can be a stressful and confusing time. So we make it our business to be available when you need us. We offer sound advice, and help as best as we can through the process.

Mandy Lee Real Estate has a wealth of experience and it is our way of dealing with clients which makes us well known throughout Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. We know the marketplace, the buyers, sellers, and neighbourhoods. We have clients both local and international. We offer state of the art sales tools and technology to ensure you get the best results.

Mandy Lee Real Estate is a professional real estate organization for providing truly comprehensive real estate sales, leasing and consulting services to all clients, whether large or small. We start with an objective to provide the highest standard of personalized and accountable real estate service in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Preparing your home for sale

A buyer’s first impressions when going through your home is vital. Therefore investing in presentation can really add value to your home. If you are currently selling, or about to sell your property, here are a few tips on presenting your property:

· The garden is very important. Weed the garden, mow the lawns and cut the edges of the grass. Trim the branches and plants which are near the windows so more light can be let into the house.

·Hire a skip and clear the house of all things which are not of financial or personal importance. You will be amazed at the amount of clutter you have accumulated over the years. A house which appears spacious and not cluttered will impress buyers. Be sure to place rubbish bins out of sight too.

·Remove any cobwebs, clean all windows. You don’t have to repaint the entire house but a few touches up of paint to cover up cracks and flaking paintwork can go a long way.

·inally try to remove all stains around the house and steam clean carpets. Keeping blinds and curtains well open will bring in more light. Also try using an oil burner or having some fresh flowers inside the home for an added touch.

·Your real estate agent is very experienced in preparing a home for sale and will be glad to provide feedback and reputable tradespeople to help bring your home up to speed.

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