Linda Lin

Linda Lin

Sales Manager/Licensed Estate Agent

Linda has over 20 years of sales experience. Previously, Linda studied in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Beijing and has years of work experience in Beijing and Singapore.

Proficient in English, over the years is mainly responsible for marketing and sales. Beginning in 2007, joined Mandy Lee Real Estate to work as a professional real estate agent.

Linda is a cheerful, conscientious person with good social and communication skills. With many years of sales experience, there are many successful buyers and sellers who praise her work .

Linda is responsible for many different real estate sales, including luxury homes, land development, apartment buildings, commercial properties and a variety of old and new abodes.

琳达具有超过20 多年的销售经验。

琳达出生在北京,毕业于旅游及酒店管理专业。具有多年北京及新加坡的工作经验。精通中英文,多年来主要负责市场推广及销售工作。从2007年开始加入家诚地产工作,成为专业地产代理。琳达性格开朗,待人热诚,有责任心,有优良的社交能力与沟通能力,运用多年的销售工作经验,成功的为许多买家, 卖家服务,得到客户的好评。琳达主要负责各种地产销售项目,包括豪华住宅及各种新旧房屋买卖,公寓楼宇,开发土地,商业物业买卖等。