Mandy Lee

Mandy Lee

Managing Director

Mandy Lee is an iconic figure in China and Australia real estate. Mandy has been at the forefront of the industry for more than 30 years. She is experienced in all facets of the real estate profession and has been a witness to and instrumental in many developments.  Mandy Lee established her own successful business, Mandy Lee Real Estate Pty Ltd, which becomes the biggest and outstanding Asian real estate agency with highest credibility in Victoria Real Estate Industry.  

Mandy supported by a dynamic team, has mastered the art of successfully developing and investing all styles of property. She also provides one-stop service from buying, designing, constructing, selling, mortgaging to immigrating. In addition, she edits the Magazine, Australia Fortune, which helps overseas people to have all kinds of information on property, immigration and investment. 

As a famous leader of overseas Chinese, Mandy occupies Chairman for several communities and has earned a reputation for being one of the most successful, reliable and knowledgeable people among Australia Chinese.

Mandy Lee 是在中国和澳大利亚地产界驰骋三十多年的资深房地产投资专家,她创建的家诚地产Mandy Lee Real Estate Pty Ltd是维省华人地产界最大,最诚信的杰出房地产企业。她从事房地产开发,投资,从买地,设计、建造、销售到银行贷款、投资移民,提供一条龙服务,她还主编澳洲财富杂志,提供地产投资移民的各种最新的信息。Mandy Lee也是维省的著名侨领,从事和担任多家社团的会长及主席,在华人中享有很高的威信。

总裁Mandy Lee 女士热情爽朗的个性,丰富的地产知识,以及敏锐的市场洞察力,使她创建的家诚地产Mandy Lee Real Estate,成为澳大利亚墨尔本地产界首屈一指的杰出企业。每当世界经济发生急剧变化的非常时期,她都能用犀利的目光和专业的知识,对市场做出深刻而准确的分析,并写出时事评论,及时刊登在各大报刊和媒体上,为顾客的买卖提供了有参考价值的建议。她还主编了《澳洲财富》杂志,为地产投资移民提供了各种最新信息。多年来,Mandy Lee带领着家诚地产的精英团队,帮助数以千计的澳洲新移民找到了梦想家园,帮助数以万计的业主做出成功的投资规划。Mandy Lee也因此多次获得各种各样的荣誉和奖项,也前后受到澳洲五位历任总理的亲切接见,并得到陆克文前总理亲自颁发的“澳洲杰出华人商业精英”奖。2013年在海南举行的博鳌亚洲中小企业发展论坛年会上,获得“年度最佳海外经济人物”荣誉称号。在取得成功后,她不忘回馈社会,支持各种教育公益慈善事业,对社会的经济和多元文化发展尽了绵薄之力。Mandy Lee也是维省的著名侨领,从事和担任过多家社团的会长及主席,在华人中享有很高的威望。